Pre-Construction Logistic Planning

Pre-construction logistics planning generates visual representation of comprehensive planning and implementation of construction project. Tejjy dedicatedly plans out the whole process right from the conceptual stage to final point of project execution. Outsource our BIM execution plan and estimating services for construction Logistic Planning Services in MD, DC, VA, Baltimore for increased profitability. 
logistic planning

Components of Construction Logistics Services


Tejjy’s process for pre-construction logistics planning

At Tejjy, right after the design ideation, we present our clients with a detailed breakdown of the execution steps ahead. Our BIM architects and designers aid project managers with 4D and 5D BIM dimensioning with a thorough evaluation of projects. Continuing on this, our pre-construction logistics are aided by 6D and 7D BIM too. This enables the pre-construction design process to be more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Goals of our BIM Logistics Planning

  • Increased efficiency due to waste reduction. 
  • Proper logistical planning on-site, ensuring material sorting. 
  • Reduce chances of reworks and overruns. 
  • Secure and safe construction site through safety measures.

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Logistics Planning Services

Reason for Outsourcing BIM Logistic Planning

  • BIM 4D: The time and schedule constraint added to the 3D model is an advantage. 4D Construction Simulation enables the categorization and grouping of data. Adopting the BIM software tools allows the creation of design data to be delivered within schedule.
  • 5D BIM: 3D Building Information modeling model with added cost parameter is another benefit. 5D Cost Estimation and Monitoring with logistic planning allow scheduling, logistics, cost and base operation support services.
  • The 6D and 7D BIM: Additional parameters such as asset management and sustainability metrics bring more intelligence. 6D and 7D BIM at the very pre-construction design stage enables sustainable project approach.

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