5D Cost Estimation/ Cost Monitoring

What is 5D BIM Services for Cost Estimation ?

The 5th Dimension of Building Information Modeling involves the element of ‘cost’. Being best BIM companies, Tejjy Inc. quantity estimators and surveyors adopt 5D BIM model to generates accurate cost and material estimation through quantity take-off.

5D BIM in construction facilitates the cost management for entire project life cycle. Engineers, architects, contractors, builders, or construction companies are provided assistance with 5D BIM modeling solution in the preconstruction stage by the quantity surveyors or cost estimators. 3D BIM facilitates collaborative platform and early mep clash detection.  BIM Engineers make Conceptual Modeling & Cost Planning adopting best 5D softwares solution to generate cost and material estimates.

Our Building Information Modeling services experts provide      

3D BIM Model, BOQ/Quantity Take Off, Cost Estimation, Tendering and 4D BIM Scheduling & Simulation, Facility Management, Risk Management for a secure working.


Quantity TakeOff in Construction

Quantity Survey facilitate quantity take off, calculations and measurement directly from a 3D BIIM model. Quantity extracted can be directly linked to the cost database. 5D BIM Modeling reduces the quantity extraction time taken by BOQ along with reduced errors. Best BIM service providers in usa adopt quantity takeoff for material estimation in construction project planning. The cost-estimation involves breaking down of a project into smaller modules and then estimating for them and integrating back with actual cost-estimation.

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5D BIM Modeling for Cost Estimation

  • Improved budgeting with precision bound accuracy in our 5D BIM estimation calculation.
  • Escalated standards of value engineering.
  • Multi-platform coordination with Cloud technology.
  • Cost estimates for entire model or a particular phase of model.
  • Automated Quantity Take-offs with any design updation in construction documentation, schedules, take-offs, counts, and measurements. These tasks are performed by estimator.
  • We create an information model, adding scheduled data through BIM for AEC professionals to different components, and generate an accurate program for construction projects.

5D BIM softwares like Autodesk Revit, Naviswork, BDS, Archicad, Tekla, are used for BIM visualization with accurate cost estimation. Construction cost estimators and quantity surveyors integrate with BIM LOD(100, 200, 300, 400, 500) to predict accurate material cost estimates for value engineering.



Benefits of 5D Modeling and Cost Estimation | Quantity Takeoff

  • Accurate cost estimate of the components from the 3D model. The collaboration amongst stakeholders through BIM in cost estimation reduces clashes in construction at later stages.
  • Quick determination of the quantity, saves time. As, 5D BIM works in real time environment. So, the digitized platform of BIM updates any design changes immediately reflecting in the 3D model. This inturn keeps the flow of information consistent throughout the project lifecycle. Subsequently estimators update the quantity take -off and scheduling services. 
  • Automatic notification of updations in the information model allows faster decision
  • Revit Quantity Takeoff reduces project manager job with detailed design analysis.

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