Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeler in DC

Proficient Kitchen Remodeling Services in Washington DC, VA, MD & Baltimore in the USA

Tejjy Inc. provides competent kitchen architectural drawing services in Washington DC, VA, MD & Baltimore areas in the USA, matching your budget. Our comprehensive Architectural & Engineering Services for Remodeling include Kitchen renovation in DC, Interior Designing, Master Planning 3D Modeling, Working Drawings, BOQ (Bill of Quantity), Specification, Tender Drawings & Documents, and Green Building Design Documentation.

     Our Remodeling Services in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore include:

  • Kitchen Master Planning
  • Kitchen Concept Design
  • Detail Design of Kitchen
  • Interior Detail Drawings
  • Landscape Drawings
  • Construction (GFC) Drawings
  • Tender Drawings & Documents (BOQ, Specification)
  • Architecture Design Support for Kitchen
  • Permit Kitchen Remodeling to Replace Kitchen Cabinets & Kitchen renovation Plan
  • Permit Drawing Review


Hire a BIM modeler, Architect, Project manager, Permit expediter, General Contractor

    Process of Remodeling in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore in the USA:

    • Our experts have been working across various sectors including Retail, Kitchen renovation in DC, Educational, Healthcare, Commercial, Infrastructural & Residential Building Design & Drafting for the General Contractors, Engineers and Architects in Washington DC.
    • With a competent understanding of the building codes in DC, we deliver design drawings in compliance with specific drafting standards of clients.
    • Our In-house Building Information Modeling capabilities complement the remodeling services by adding improved design coordination, cost estimation & visualization support.

    Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling Services in DC from Tejjy Inc.:

    • Adding new life into home in general with redesigning & remodeling
    • Determining the project scope to clients, knowing what to be accomplished
    • Estimating the budget, considering finances, materials, labor and installation costs
    • Checking specific remodeling permit drawings in Washington DC
    • Investigating permits required by local municipalities in advance
    • Using space for improved planning of new kitchen like adding an island with proper seating
    • Adding value to home & making it a high selling point on the market in the future for potential home buyers

    Be it a challenging design to time-consuming drafting , Tejjy Inc. delivers all with an excellent ROI for clients due to our engineering maturity, domain expertise & processed approach. Call us at 202-465-4850 or to discuss your kitchen architectural drawing remodeling services in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore areas in the USA.