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Tejjy Inc. is one of the best BIM service providers in Las Vegas. Building Information Modeling services help in 3D Laser Scanning, Scan to BIM, Revit Family Creation, MEP Coordination, Architectural BIM, Construction Management, Facility Management, 4D Construction Scheduling, and 5D Cost Estimation. Tejjy Inc.’s BIM architects and BIM engineers in Las Vegas help in designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure. BIM supports interoperability between various processes in building construction and between various stakeholders.

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Our cutting-edge BIM technology and expert team will completely transform your projects. We place a strong emphasis on working closely with our customers to bring about the outcomes they want. Our BIM outsourcing services are versatile and adaptable, allowing us to satisfy the specific requirements of each project.

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Tejjy Inc provides 3D laser scanning services for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. Our experienced 3D laser scanning Services in Las Vegas provide quality point cloud scans which can be used to create 3DBIM models. By utilizing 3D laser scanning, constructed assets can be scanned with pinpoint accuracy and in a timely manner. There are various benefits to hiring our 3D laser scanning services including cost efficacy, saving time, high level of accuracy, risk mitigation, and reducing manual labor.
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Scan to BIM services uses precise 3D laser scanning methods to turn existing building projects into as-built BIM models. Tejjy Inc.’s Scan to BIM services in Las Vegas provides innovative and accurate 3D laser scanning services and as built 3D BIM model creation services. Our scan-to-BIM solution can be used for refit, rebuilding, and refurbishment projects. Additionally, we offer project planning, assessment of both material and labor costs, and feasibility analysis based on as-built BIM models derived from point cloud scans. Our 3D BIM modeling and as-built drawings have been used on several infrastructure projects, including bridges, roads, and tunnels.
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Tejjy Inc is one of the best customized Revit family creation service in Las Vegas. Revit families are collections of pre-made3D Revit model templates that may be used to create a variety of objects, such as doors, windows, stairs, and so on. Because an MEP Revit model is generated by using a variety of different Revit families, Revit families are an essential component of 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). The development of a Revit family generates a Revit 3D model, which can have either parametric or non-parametric dimensional capabilities attached to geometrical components. By utilizing the Revit BIM services library, all AEC projects will be able to benefit from increased precision and productivity.
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Tejjy Inc.’s MEP BIM services in Las Vegas include MEP coordination, MEP clash detection, and MEP shop drawing services. Tejjy Inc.’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumping engineers provide MEP BIM Modeling services with a specified Level of Detailing (LOD). Our MEP BIM services have managed to provide solutions to long time construction challenges of reducing rework and waste as well as increasing speed and profit margin.
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Tejjy Inc. offers Structural BIM Services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our expert and licensed structural engineers use structural design software for BIM like Autodesk Revit and Tekla. We are experts in rebar detaining, structural BIM modeling, structural Revit family creation, and structural shop drawings. Structural BIM modeling enables better structural analysis and improved design coordination.
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We deliver On-Site BIM management service by assigning one of our BIM experts solely to the requirements of your company. Our specialized expert in Building Information Modeling will collaborate closely with your team of engineers and architects to assist them in establishing BIM goals and in organizing the task at hand. In order to ensure that the project is completed successfully, our specialists will aid in the coordination between the various trades and create rapport with your team.
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We deliver clash detection services to our clients across USA. We help in resolving clashes between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. A clash report is created and delivered to each professional to do clash coordination to come up with a clash coordinated BIM model. Our expertise in BIM clash detection has helped our clients to find errors before the start of construction and save their money and time.
MFSS II by US Army Corporation of Engineers

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