revit services outsourcing

Revit Services Outsourcing


Revit MEP drafting services provide you with an accurate version of the building plan, enabling the creation of detailed coordinated drawings of various systems. It is essential to identify the location of MEP components during the design development stage to keep the project cost within budget.

Outsourcing MEP Modeling requirement facilitates effective collaboration amongst multiple engineering trades. Since engineering and designing firms often make changes to the MEP projects, Revit MEP drafting service providers to update the master model, by executing coordinated system checks for design interference and accurate installation. This way, Revit family creation facilitates MEP Engineers.

A skilled drafter usually links the mechanical model to the plumbing part by conducting a space allocation for MEP coordination check, saving hassles at the time of engineering review.

Benefits of Implementing Revit MEP Drafting Services

Revit MEP services enable all AEC project stakeholders to take accurate decisions with comprehensive information shared by the Revit model. Proficient Revit MEP engineers provide detailed HVAC plans for designing the mechanical facility, resulting in enhanced building performance and design visualization.

Revit drafting services are also integrated with Building Information Modeling for CAD to BIM conversion, model creation and coordination.

Streamlined Documentation: Implementing Revit BIM, AEC professionals streamline the process of design documentation, maximizing construction productivity. To take an instance, using Revit, a single design change in a system can be automatically updated across the building model.

Smooth Coordination & Installation: Since Revit is equipped with all facets of MEP modeling, there is smooth coordination and installation. Clash free model helps spatial coordination amongst equipment, improving HVAC duct routing and plumbing.

Accurate Cost Estimation and BOQ: MEP outsourcing also helps to make the right building performance analysis through accurate cost estimation and Bill of Materials.

Construction Documentation Support: A support for construction documentation is another Revit MEP advantage that helps to enhance the quality of project delivery.

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What comes under MEP Drafting Services?

BIM engineering firms enable the creation of accurate and detailed MEP drawings for coordinating amongst various building systems, facilitating engineering consultants, general contractors, HVAC contractors, fabricators, builders, project owners and facility managers.

All fabrication details, as well as installation locations, are embedded in the MEP shop drawings for identifying optimal routes, clearing clashes amongst trades.

MEP BIM Drafting Services include:

MEP BIM drafting solutions can be further divided into mechanical, electrical and plumbing segments:

Revit Mechanical Modeling

Mechanical Drafting includes heating & cooling systems layout with fire protection system, HVAC duct and pipe layouts.

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Revit Electrical Modeling

Electrical Drafting involves riser diagram, circuits for lighting, wire & cable drawings, panels, cable-tray and distribution layouts.


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Revit Plumbing Modeling

Plumbing Drafting encompasses domestic water systems layout with drainage water piping and natural gas piping system. Further, there are water distribution plans and diagrams as well as isometric drawings and sectional drawings.



Revit Basic Fire Protection Modeling

Revit Fire Protection Modeling helps to convert a fire sprinkler design into 3D fire protection model. BIM experts work with LOD 100 – 500 throughout the schematic fire protection design to the final stage of construction.




BIM MEP drawing software tools used in the process:



Fabrication CADMEP


Industry Professionals using MEP BIM & MEP CAD Drafting Services

General contractors – GCs have to supervise the work of numerous subcontractors during the construction process and ensure that their work gets accomplished on time and under budget.

Outsourcing Revit MEP modeling from engineering consultants help them to get detailed and specific information about electricians, plumbers and HVAC workers.

Technicians – Getting the blueprint in hand, technicians confidently install piping and plumbing for wastewater, ductwork, electrical wires, conduits and fire protection buffering.

Wondering what is MEP draftsman doing in this regard? The MEP drafters consider several aspects of the project as an integrated whole so that no system of the physical property hinders the work of the other.

They ensure that the structural aspects of the building projects with varied architectural elements work cohesively as a unit within the building framework. Seeking Revit architecture outsourcing helps everything run in a synchronized way starting from foundation to wall and ceilings to what’s placed on the roof.

The Process of MEP Drafting Services

In the modern world, drafting services are produced through Computer-Aided Drafting software applications like AutoCAD drafting, Inventor, CAD Duct, Revit, etc. Some other technologies like Geographical Information Systems, Asset Management Systems, etc. are also used for the construction project.

Workflow – Shop Drawing Creation- Initially a shop drawing should be created considering all features. All details should be included in the shop drawings like duck, pipes, wiring, conduit on a coordinated blueprint

Approval by Team -MEP coordinated shop drawings should be approved and signed by all team members

Compliance with Industry Standards – The drawings should comply with a set of industry standards like SMACNA, NFPA, IEEE, ASHRAE, etc and internal standards of clients for understanding project documents.

Trusting professionals with specific phases of the process – Qualified and experienced drafters should be trusted with a specific phase of the process. MEP service technicians should use a predetermined set of symbols & notation, which is readable and comprehensible to the entire crew.

Different types of MEP Drawings

Different types of MEP drawings help the proper and efficient establishment of the building. Some of them include:

MEP Shop Drawing Detailing

The drawing gets completed for different aspects all contributing to overall project accuracy. Typically, this refers to the annotations, dimensions and elevations.

Steel fabricators use shop drawings while shaping and forming rebar or steel for use in construction. Other facets of MEP drawings are compliant with industry standards and conform to client requirements.

Penetration Drawings

These are essential when an electrician, plumber or technician needs to pierce through the building wall. They are required to know the exact locations along with the guidance for wall penetration.

Penetration drawings help the workers to know the exact locations of the electrical conduit, water pipe, and ductworks along with the necessary clearance.

Block-out and Sleeve Drawings

Some of the technical documents used by contractors in steel and cement work are called block-out and sleeve drawings. These drawings provide a significant amount of critical information, like ceiling and floor clearance for cut-outs concerning HVAC, conduit and piping work.

Sleeves involve a special type of block-out detailing, determining the specific hole-placement work along with ductwork and pipes.

Pipe Spool Drawings

In Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing work, a spool involves a group of parts that get prepared in a shop and consequently shipped to an installation location.

The drawings associated with the spools are called pipe spool drawings and are used by shop workers, arranging the required spools for a particular building project.

As Built Drawings

Often, it is essential to update the plans and drawings for reflecting changes in the plan. In the construction sites, modifications are made during the actual construction.

As-built’ drawings show what’s constructed as opposed to what’s planned for the construction. Contractors need these drawings for checking what’s perceptible at the site and make modifications throughout the way.

Co-ordination Drawings

MEP Coordination drawings provide clarity for the entire team to work on a specific project. On the construction site, there are HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians together with the GCs and other team members.

Coordination drawings offer the bird’s eye view of the construction, where everything is integrated to make a unified whole. A comprehensive coordination drawing helps to achieve seamless integration in the building, avoiding technical conflicts with apt 3D BIM clash detection. This leads to a reduced chance for human error or overall change orders, enabling earlier project finish dates and less wastage of resources.

What Sets Apart Great MEP Drafting Services?

To set up a successful construction project, start with proper planning and documentation. To provide the best experience from inception to conception, a BIM firm should use the highest quality of drawings. Or else, the project could be destined to repeat failures, execute costly clashes, and end up accomplishing the work extending beyond the schedule and budget.

So, avoid this by appointing MEP drafters who are committed, and efficient. Do you want to know how to use Revit MEP? Or, want to get good MEP services?

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