DCRA Permit in Washington DC

Why Outsource Permit Management

DCRA Permit Expediting Company in Washington DC

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With advent of online DCRA( Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs) permit approval process virtual online environment has been created. Yet it involves paper work, time added with business stress. 

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     Benefits of outsourcing permit management

    1. Presence of  experienced permit advisors having extensive knowledge about building codes jurisdiction, and local government bodies (DDOT, DC Water, DOEE). 
    2. Streamlined accurate paper work with ensured approval.
    3. Permit project management team ensures coordination with other team members for required design changes.
    4. Reliable work through project management.
    5.  Hiring a design build team relieves you from hiring business consultants cutting down cost.
    6. Extensive knowledge about  DCRA Permit Fees, DCRA Postcard Permit, DCRA Afterhours Permit and project requirements specific to jurisdiction preventing delays in project approval.
    7. Tejjy Inc Permit Expeditors have proficiency in facilitating the permitting process with structural integrity of framing work, sanitation, zoning, water, sewer lines, and electrical services from conception to final.
    How Tejjy Permit Expediting Services Helps You?

    Ensured permit approvals to remove stop work order by Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs  DCRA. Our construction expediters in Washington DC , Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore have extensive knowledge of building zoning codes , submittal process, permitting issues. Being a design build firm we deliver services in every type of construction permits – residential, commercial , renovation , remodeling , engineering and architectural firm.Starting from simple retail tenant improvement permits to complex retail roll-outs, your building construction will never get delayed with us even if you are not acquainted with the complicated building code or internal process of the jurisdiction. We know how things work and ensure that your construction project begins on schedule.