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Professional Construction Project Management Services in Washington DC, Virginia (VA), MD and Baltimore, USA

Consult us to manage your construction throughout the building project lifecycle. Our experts assist for an effective solution.

Construction Project Management Services

Tejjy Inc. provides complete project lifecycle management for construction from the stage of initiation, planning, execution to closure. Integrated procedures are adopted to accomplish the design and construction of projects by identifying organization structure, on-site and environmental issues and establish communication protocol.

Our experts define the requirements and establish scope, budget, schedule, and quality for clients.

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Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for Construction Project Management

  • Innovative application of project management techniques
  • Proactive decision-making during the early stages of planning & design
  • Consistent involvement throughout the project
  • An integrated approach to an overall plan for logistics & management of budget, expenditure & schedule
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Professional Assistance of Tejjy Inc

Tejjy Inc. Facilitate AEC Project Stakeholders

  • Tracking construction cost categories, preventing cost overruns
  • Deliver regular status updates for making informed decisions
  • Provide insight, cost optimization & value engineering using latest technology like BIM

Our Project Management Services at Different Phases

Project management role includes:

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Cost & Schedule Management
  • Scope & Quality Management
  • Safety Management & Sustainability

Pre-Construction/Design Phases

  • Scope delineation & management
  • Establishment & maintenance of communication processes
  • Budget & schedule development
  • Site selection support
  • Architect/engineer/specialty consultant selection advisory
  • Project-specific website development
  • Cost estimation & value investigation
  • Detecting phasing options & establishing milestones
  • Constructability & bid reviews
  • Procedures & logistics assessment
  • General circumstances & contract requirements advisory
  • Support to inspection sub-contractors
  • Bid phase management

Construction Phases

  • Project scheduling & monitoring
  • Oversight of cost control
  • On-site management
  • Management of coordination meetings
  • Contract administration
  • Inspection & quality assurance
  • Progress reporting
  • Documentation
  • Change order management
  • Item tracking & reporting
  • Problem anticipation & resolution
  • Contract closeout supervision
  • Commissioning

Technologies We Use

Tejjy Inc. implements the latest tools to revolutionize the way of AEC business. Our team of construction management professionals offers the best construction management services in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD & VA by using advanced technologies such as:

  • Virtual Design &Construction
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Drone
  • Big Data
  • Robotics

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for Construction Project Management Services in DC, Baltimore MD, and VA?

Construction Management solution provider in the USA for Project Planning and Management, Cost and Schedule Management, Scope and Quality Management, Safety Management and Sustainability for AEC professionals.

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