Impactful Designing with Advanced Building Information Modeling Tools

Prefabrication is the creation of building components at a manufacturing site or factory before onsite assembly. Modular construction is a Prefabrication where building components are constructed in box-like modules and then transported to the building site for final assembly. Tejjy Inc provides BIM for Digital Prefabrication services for Engineers, General Contractors, Homebuilders, and Architects to help clients get a real-time examination of every system, making up the final project. Our professionals produce drawings from the 3D models for accurate offsite or onsite Prefabrication.
BIM for Digital Prefabrication services at Tejjy Inc. help construction professionals improve quality, handle materials, and reduce high cost.

The Process

BIM Execition
BIM Coordination
BIM Implementation

What is Modularization?

Modularization is a vital part of construction management and building design. It is a kind of rack-service system for installing and fabricating all services, for better coordination. Autodesk Revit and Inventor are modularization software adopted for ductwork, plumbing and electrical equipment module creation for streamlined workflow.


Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without a purchaser.

Strategic and Tactical

Benefits of BIM Digital Prefabrication

  • Reduced construction costs and construction time on site
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased site productivity
  • Completion on time and budget
  • Reduced wastage in the manufacture and onsite
  • Greater reliability and quality

Do you have any

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