BIM Deployment – Resource Sharing

Appointing a BIM manager is often difficult for an organization. At Tejjy Inc, we understand the project requirement for making a suitable BIM organization plan. Our BIM Deployment Plan helps to make the right BIM implementation for construction professionals. 

We assess the technical & practical experience of candidates before hiring. We help you upgrade employee skills by showing the right method of software handling using BIM. Our professionals create the most suitable BIM organization chart. 

Our Work Process 

  • We evaluate the technical expertise of all professionals before recruiting them for your company.  
  • We help employees upgrade their skills by showing the right process of working with software package and making practical BIM usage to get the best out of new technologies
  • We offer a framework for AEC stakeholders to ensure project safety and success. 

Tejjy Inc, Provide to BIM engineering services & catering to strive for excellence with innovation in MD,Washington DC, Baltimore, USA. Call us at 202-465-4830 or email us at to discuss your BIM deployment and resource hiring requirement.

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