We use a 3D Printer to fabricate buildings and construction components. 3D printer helps us in making the prototype for complex geometrical elements. BIM facilitates more meaningful use of our 3D printing. Our professionals print the building in 3D to give a realistic feel to future construction.


  • Faster Construction
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Greater Integration of Function
  • Less Production of Waste
  • Risk Minimization

Published by Sukh Singh

Sukh Singh is the COO of Tejjy Inc – the man on whom the vision of Tejjy Inc has dawned. He is the fountainhead of ideas for development, lines of operations, new vistas, domain verticals, and technical integration with other industries, diversification and complementary lines of practice. Sukh is the head of vision for Construction Management, BIM & Engineering Solutions. He has extensively worked with the Engineering Firms, Architects, Construction and Government agencies in the USA.