BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

Drone Mapping Services

Scan, Survey and Mapping with Drone Aerial Surveying Services In USA

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For a digital representation to be created, we first need to collect data about the site or the building. Our drone mapping services enable us to procure precise topographic maps to create 3D BIM models of buildings. Drones or Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV), Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence(AI) elevate better BIM implementation and visualization. VDC Managers use construction drones for land and aerial surveying, scanning, and mapping. Drone mapping services use LiDAR technology for capturing data.

Utilizing LiDAR we provide 2D/3D maps or models for even dangerous and sensitive areas. The captured point cloud data is processed by surveyors as per their requirements. The real-time image capturing improves the communication amongst project stakeholders and a safer construction environment. Tejjy Inc., is one of the best drone mapping service providers in USA, using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) cameras for precise drone mapping at a reduced rate and faster pace.

Tejjy has been trusted by engineers, construction managers, and facility managers, for drone mapping services for commercial, industrial, infrastructural, and engineering projects across USA. Our drone mapping, collect data for construction as-built, digital twins, 3D topographic maps, and 3D BIM models for better analysis, planning, and implementation of strategic decisions.

How Are Drones Mapping & Surveying Services Used In Construction?

BIM VDC implementation by construction companies in USA ensures enhanced effectiveness in planning, surveying, and data capturing. The uses of drone surveying for construction include:

  • Conducting aerial site and building surveys to assess the conditions of any building for facility management
  • Construction site planning and progress tracking
  • QA/QC Inspection
  • Site mapping for 3D modeling and analysis.
  • Capture exact point cloud data with topography and building details.
  • Live feed and virtual talks for better site logistics.
  • Reduced cost and time for mapping a construction site.
  • Simulation of 3D BIM model from drone-captured images helps in identifying planned progress versus actual progress.
  • Better site planning and real-time data monitoring during the construction life cycle.
  • Affordable and effective construction marketing with informed decision-making capabilities.
  • Thermal drone cameras ensure quicker, safer building surveillance for building inspection, equipment maintenance, and assisting in Facility Management.
  • Risk mitigation for construction safety

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    Tejjy Inc, Drone mapping & surveying services provider in USA, employs unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at four stages of the construction process.

    Design Phase

    TejjyInc employs drone surveying & mapping services for land and building surveys. A sequence of images are acquired using the photogrammetry technique for surveying and mapping.  

    Drone surveying generates point clouds, which are then used to create 3D Revit BIM models. Experienced BIM VDC consultants incorporate 3D laser scanning surveys, resulting in precise and comprehensive point clouds. Data capturing helps in planning construction activities.

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    Operation Phase

    On building sites, there are frequently multiple issues that cannot be predicted or are difficult to control. TejjyInc’s drone surveying services employ drones to monitor building site operations.

    Real-time data collection of images and videos of the building construction process is carried out. Cloud computing allows BIM collaboration solutions to instantly distribute data among project stakeholders. Integrating VDC improves safety management.

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    Facility Management Maintenance Phase

    After the construction phase is completed, the facility management phase faces a number of obstacles. Building management and maintenance are complex due to the

    building’s long life span. The use of drone-integrated BIM modelling enables facility maintenance to update the model, tracing the exact position of the building element throughout the building’s lifecycle.

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    Dismantling Phase

    TejjyInc’s drone surveying service uses a drone-integrated BIM model to monitor the disassembly, demolition, and restoration phases of buildings. The detailed information about a building gathered

    by drones and integrated into the BIM model allows project stakeholders to identify things that require special handling, such as hazardous waste or toxic compounds.

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    Commercial Buildings
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    Educational Institute
    Historic Monuments
    Historic Monuments
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    Hotels & Resorts
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    How Tejjy Drone Surveying & Mapping Services Helps in Construction Management?

    TejjyInc’s VDC Engineers assists you with the following: –

    • Monitoring Project Progression: Constant monitoring of project progress using UAVs helps construction managers in enhanced decision making.
    • Construction Site Mapping: VDC assists site managers to acquire precise site data through digitized survey techniques using laser scanners and BIM.
    • Volumetric Measurement: Tejjy aids stakeholders by offering accurate Stockpiles Volume Estimation through machine learning. It improves efficiency and reduces resource wastage.
    • Risk Reduction in Building Observation: Drones assists surveyors to map the risky site areas without the need of being physically present. It enhances the safety of the surveyor and labours.

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    BIM Modeling

    Tejjy Inc offers BIM Modeling services for Architectural, Structural, MEP, Facade engineering. Our services include 3d visualization, 4D BIM, Quantity TakeOff, Clash Coordination models, Green Building Environment, Fabrication/Modularization with detailed design drawings .


    Architectural & Engineering

    We here innovatively create and remodel structures. Facilitating latest interior, landscaping, floor design Tejjy designs residential, commercial building designs. Adopting BIM we execute shop drawings, as built drawings and models.


    Construction Management

    We facilitate from estimation, bidding, construction documentation to entire construction life cycle management. Adopting 3d visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality , Drone Risk management along with cost time effectiveness takes the primal focus.


    Facilities Operation Management

    As a Design Build Firm from Design, operate and execute we maintain the structure too. Our services include engineering diagnostics, MEP support, asset management with 7D BIM. Improving the ROI with efficiency is the target of our team.

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