BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

Permit Facilitation Service

Outsource Permit Management & Expediting Services

Planning for Construction, Renovation, Remodeling

Tejjy Inc. construction permit expeditors in DC Metropolitan Area provide seamless services at an unparalleled cost. We specialize in building permit facilitation services for commercial, residential, and engineering firms. Our efficient streamlining of paperwork submittals supports architects, engineers, and builders with accuracy and reduced cost. Permit Expediting Services in Washington DC & MD allows you to resume work in no time avoiding delays in the construction project. The team of permit experts at Tejjy Inc. is well versed with building and zoning codes to provide you 100% satisfactory results.

Permit Facilitation

What is Permit Facilitation?

Project Facilitation helps construction professionals to execute the building permit execution process and prepare construction documents for approval. Applicants who are seeking permit expedition services prepare higher-quality applications, without guaranteeing a project approval.

Types of Permit Facilitation Services:-

Proficient Permit Expediting company in DC and Maryland Areas provide facilitation services during the pre-approval and the post-approval stages:

Pre-Approval Services Post-Approval Services
Assess Project Feasibility Review legal Status Prepare development plan
Prepare Project Applications Provide Design Concepts Assist in agency sign-offs
Organize Plot Plans Request reports from consultants like:
2.Sewage Disposal
3.Water Quantity Testing
4.Drainage Calculation
5.Joint Timber Management Plan

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    How do the Building Permit Expediters Work?

    • Detect supply requirements using technical details and schedules.
    • Fulfill the material orders and equipment to meet project requirements.
    • Organize delivery of supplies as per priorities & specifications.
    • Identify issues with delivery orders.

    Process of Building Permit Expediting Services

    • ·Evaluate submittal requirements and ensure correct documentation
    • ·Accept submittal
    • Ensure that plan meets building city codes and ordinance
    • Pay the fees
    • Approve final inspection
    Tejjy | Revit Family Creation Services in USA

    Experienced Permit Expediting company in DC Metropolitan Area

    • Addition Alteration Repair Permit
    • After Hours Permit
    • Awning Permit
    • Postcard Permit
    • Excavation Permit
    • Capacity Placard Permit
    • Demolition Permit
    • Fence Permit
    • Foundation Permit
    • Garage Permit
    • Firework stand Permit
    • Historic permit
    • Raze Permit
    • Scaffolding
    • Demolition Permit
    • Postcard Building Permit
    • Foundation permit
    • Shed Permit
    • Sheeting & Shoring Permit
    • Sign Permit
    • Soil Boring Permit
    • Tenant layout Permit
    • Tent permit
    • Swimming Pool Permit
    • Tower Crane Permit
    • Underground Storage Tank Permit
    • Retaining wall permit
    • New Building Permit
    1. Minor project – 5 days
    2. New Single Family – 2 weeks
    3.  Single Family additions – 2 weeks
    4. Commercial projects – 3 weeks
    1. The plot plan is essential for all applications and documents.
    2. The detailed map of the project includes the location of existing and proposed structures, utilities, roads, septic systems, water sources, and topography.

    Our Expertise In

    Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
    Educational Institute
    Educational Institute
    Historic Monuments
    Historic Monuments
    Hotels & Resorts
    Hotels & Resorts
    Residential Buildings
    Residential Buildings
    Train Stations & Airport
    Train Stations & Airport

    Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for Permit Expediting Services?

    Choose Tejjy Inc. construction permit experts in DC & Maryland areas to:

    • Secure building permits for architectural firms.
    • Coordinate approval process by reviewing blueprints and construction documentation.
    • Ensure zoning and building code compliance.
    • File approvals.

    To obtain value engineering facilitation, book an appointment with Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or

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