MEP BIM Services

MEP Engineering Services

Tejjy Inc. as engineering firm provide comprehensive solution to all MEP services. As mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection system are the functional components of building design. Tejjy mep consultants work from construction documentation to final assembly. Revit MEP Modeling services facilitates coordination shop drawings , mep drawings to manage clash detections for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. 

MEP consultant, architects, engineers work incompliance adhering to mechanical, electrical and HVAC standard codes. Tejjy BIM Engineers have vast experience in residential, commercial, hospital, hotel, educational, government sector making us best MEP Service Provider.

Benefits of MEP Modeling Services

Tejjy mep consultants use Autodesk Revit & Autodesk NavisWorks to create the 3D BIM Model (LOD 400) for shop drawings & Fire Protection trades to meet project objectives like:

  • 3D Model Creation for MEPFP Trades & Clash Coordination (Clash Detection & Mitigation, Visualization)
  • Constructability Review (Model Update) to reflect changes from Design Changes, RFI Generation & As-Built Update
  • Shop Drawings enables complete mep coordination services amongst mechanical, electrical , plumbing. mep clash detection report & resolve issues among various trades
  • Detailed Quantity Take off (QTO) incorporating manufacturer’s reference with 5D BIM Modeling.
MEP BIM Services in usa

MEP Drawings | MEP Coordination Drawings | MEP BIM Modeling

3D MEP BIM Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling integrates with MEP(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and fire protection services. Tejjy Inc. 3D BIM modeling services create 3D modelers , place generic and parametric families as per requisite. The detailed MEP BIM services includes: duct work, electrical fixtures, lighting, plumbing, drainage, piping.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

MEP Engineers and BIM Clash Coordination Services allow integration for cost-effective construction project management process. Tejjy Inc quantity surveyors provide accurate quantity takeoff and cost-effective BIM Modeling for MEP Design firms. Tejjy Inc. BIM conultants and MEP consultants work with various inputs like hand sketches, conceptual drawings, datasheets, Red-Line Mark-ups, and Single-Line Diagram.

MEP Shop Drawing

MEP Engineers facilitate clash Coordination Drawing Services creating standardized MEP components include sections, elevations, detailed drawing, layouts in coordination drawings. Tejjy Inc. MEP drawings Services includes piping drawings, isometric  drawings, electrical shop drawings, plumbing shop drawings, as-built drawings. We also provide MEP CAD conversion services along with markup detailing and MEP coordination.


Quantity TakeOff

We can extract BOQ(Bills Of Quantities)/ Quantity Takeoff from 5D BIM Modeling cost estimation services. Tejjy Inc. 5D quantity surveyors can facilitate planning, cost estimation, material estimation of construction project. Being experienced BIM service providers in USA our BIM Modeler  create BIM 4D Modeling Services to manage mep clash coordinations.


MEP Design Validation Process

Shop drawings validate mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs for constructability, performance, codes, and maintenance. Tejjy bim consultants visualizes MEP coordination drawings with bim in 3D model for coordinated shop drawings. 3D visualization is adopted here for better clarity in design objectives. Design objectives like clearance, performance parameters, tolerance, and ease of maintenance can be easiy achieved with BIM consulting companies. MEP coordination softwares like Autodesk Revit support the entire clash coordination services with seamless integration.

Design Development & Coordination

We assist MEP Design Firms in the design development stage. Our team interacts with engineers to understand their design-intent and provides value-added support from the conceptual design to construction. We translate the designer’s thoughts into buildable information in the form of 2D drawings and 3D models.

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    Our Design Drawing Stages

    Conceptual or Schematic Design

    Schematic design is a primary design scheme, defining the general scope of the project, including the scale and relationship among building modules. At this stage, we describe the proposed system in terms of integrated ideas and concepts about the proposed method, corresponding to the BIM LOD 200 Revit model.

    Detailed Design

    A conceptual or schematic design stage, where the design decisions are worked out in details. The details get reflected in the Model, corresponding to LOD 300 Revit model. We provide drafted to-scale drawings, demonstrating the look of the project after the completion of construction.

    MEP Construction Drawings

    A bridge between the building design and the physical building form is created by construction drawings. Our shop drawings include detailed specifications necessary for the construction project. This level corresponds with the BIM LOD 400 Revit model integrating all information of the MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) services. BIM in construction models include elements that are accurate in size, location, quantity, and orientation with complete fabrication and detailed information. BIM level of detailing contains non-geometric (3Dimensional) information, including the text, notes, dimensions, and 2D details and makes a complete representation of all the proposed elements. 

    Being one of top BIM modelinfirms in usa facilitates MEP BIM modeling services through drawings, mep clash detection. Catering to strive for excellence we serve with innovation in MD, Washington DC, Baltimore, USA . Consult MEP BIM consultants at 202-465-4830 or email us at to discuss with us your MEP BIM requirements. We also provide BIM services for structural steel detailing, construction drawings, pipe drawings, clash detection and coordination, isometric drawings, electrical shop drawings, HVAC duct shop drawings, as-built drawings, fabrication drawings, duct layout drawings, plumbing shop drawings, patent drawings.