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What is BIM 360 Design?

BIM360 design connects all project team members through cloud modeling. Being in real-time environment BIM 360 manages from design drawing to final construction stage. Tejjy Inc. the leading BIM Construction management company in USA adopts Autodesk BIM 360 for improved decision making, reduced rework and data inconsistency.

Tejjy design build services with BIM 360 document management help stakeholders in decision making along with quality and safety management. Our BIM modeling services manages blueprints, 2D plans, CAD, BIM model, construction drawings and document management throughout construction life cycle. The benefit of BIM 360 design collaboration is s to grant permission access control generates quality and risk mitigated environment. Being amongst experienced BIM engineering companies Tejjy tracks construction lifecycle with 4D BIM naviswork for improved project lifecycle efficency. 

Tejjy design and construction manager creates a clearly defined VDC/ BIM Execution plan. BIM 360 design collaboration improves revit modeling scope for mep consultant, structural engineers, architects, engineers and interior designer. 

BIM 360 Document Management in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia

How Tejjy Inc. work using BIM 360 Document Management?

Autodesk BIM 360 design for Document Management in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Virginia

Being experienced BIM modeling companies Tejjy uses BIM 360 document management software application and integrate mobile technology with cloud collaboration for construction management on site. We share, view, and manage construction documents and 3D models with our clients, helping them get access to project information anytime and anywhere and that too in one place. Consequently, we can manage various field processes like safety, quality, commission checklist, as well as drawings. Our professionals can inform and communicate project decisions, improving the quality of the project, reducing rework and improving safety, commissioning, and handover.

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Benefits of BIM360 Features:

Quality Management: Adopting BIM360 has a standardized QA/QC process for construction quality management. The digital construction quality control plan helps field management activities like asset and equipment tracking even from mobile to ensure high quality output.

Safety Management: Tejjy ensures construction safety management with BIM360 where issue resolving is faster. The risk minimization 

RFIs and Submittals: Tejjy manages improved communication  in project management for construction. Our RFIs and submittals at single platform gives project team visibility for controlled flow of information.

Constructability Reviews: The centralized information system reduces design drawing errors and inaccuracies. Tejjy constructable drawings can be viewed 2D and 3D designs with resolved design issues.

Visualizing Design Changes: The digitized design tracking enables to visualize scope , schedule and budget of design change. Tejjy Inc. facilitate BIM engineering services for commercial and residential construction in maryland, washington dc, baltimore USA.

Who uses BIM 360 plans?

Revit modeling scope in BIM 360 design collaboration supports  design build services and design assist projects for architects, mep engineers, structural engineers, interior designers. The Workflow Management  and Site Performance Management undergoes QA/QC process with effective visualization.

Tejjy Inc. BIM/VDC consultant adopts appropriate BIM 360 for effective collaboration in design build services. Autodesk BIM 360 features support revit modeling scope for project management as well 

For document and model management BIM 360 docs.

BIM 360 Design Collaboration also known as Revit for collaboration. This Revit modeling helps worksharing and management.

BIM 360 Coordinate/BIM Glue is used for model clash detection. 

BIM 360 Layout for construction layout and surveying . BIM 360 Ops helps in facilities management creating a creating support to BIM modeling services for commercial and residential buildings and engineering projects.

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