Virtual reality takes us to a 3D environment, which is a bit different from our actual situation. The 3d effect offers us an accurate representation of the construction with various elements in front of us as if in reality. As construction professionals, we have started exploring the advantages of 3D Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality for Construction

A Quick Look at the Advantages:

  • Project Viability – We assess the viability of the project at its inception. Using Virtual Reality at the design stage helps us visualize the real picture, considering the environmental elements.  It helps make an accurate estimate with no scope for error, simulating the finished project as it would be.
  • Design Fine-Tuning – Virtual reality helps us to fine-tune the design. We can show our clients the virtual walk throughs of projects, exploring the finished projects at different stages. It gives our customers greater transparency, who let us know about the design change. Consequently, we make design changes before construction without wasting any time, resource, or money.
  • Construction Safety – We can pick up potential hurdles before construction through virtual reality and prevent safety issues like space constraint and tricky maneuvering of significant elements throughout the area of the new building.
  • Improved Planning – We can offer improved planning for construction using virtual reality, avoiding additional costs and problems throughout the project. Our clients take part in making the necessary design changes by visualizing the building before installation.

    We at Tejjy take pride in using the latest technology for construction. Using VR, we complete our clients’ projects on time and budget.

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Sukh Singh
Published by Sukh Singh

Sukh Singh is the COO of Tejjy Inc – the man on whom the vision of Tejjy Inc has dawned. He is the fountainhead of ideas for development, lines of operations, new vistas, domain verticals, and technical integration with other industries, diversification and complementary lines of practice. Sukh is the head of vision for Construction Management, BIM & Engineering Solutions. He has extensively worked with the Engineering Firms, Architects, Construction and Government agencies in the USA.

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