BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

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Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry
Construction Management

BIM – The Torch Bearer in the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital technique existing in the world of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). BIM integrated module enables efficacy in planning, designing, construction, and management. The in-depth analysis during the compilation process encompasses every aspect of building:



Ø Detailed Information:  Datacenter gets created, providing access to all the modules at any stage for detailed understanding and better designing.

Ø Reduced Errors: The collaborative capabilities of BIM allow utilization of information by all the modules enabling better planning. Involvement of an architect to construction manager in a project leads to improved coordination and management.  Upgradation of small change gets reflected immediately through the modules without creating discrepancies.  Automated redrafting allows reduced errors and duplication of drawings. 

Ø Enhanced Collaboration: Integrated platform enhances the accessibility of information by any module irrespective of the stage.  Better designing improves cost and time efficacy leading to high degree output. 

Ø Improved Communication: Capability of showing the designs in a technical format to the client or colleague offers incredible flexibility, aiding an in-depth understanding of clients’ requirements with accurate results. Advanced knowledge in performance gets implemented among the modules.

Ø Simulation & Visualization:  BIM tools empower the team with better visualization for designers like calculating building energy performance or sunlight during different seasons. Software like Revit architecture, 3D, and many more are a support system for the engineer as based on experiences and applied rules of physics. The module allows visualization of the real-world situation providing an accurate view through improved MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). Automation allows a precise and detailed project scope, development, and output. 

Ø Effective Workflow: Clash detection feature in BIM allows early detection of clashes helping to maintain the cost estimate. Clash handling helps to mitigate risk, improve planning, as well as productivity and profitability.

Ø Sequencing: Improved coordination brings improved efficacy, allowing optimization of cost, schedule, and practical resource handling.

Ø Cost Efficacy: The automated model allows coherent working, reducing time consumption in contrast to traditional planning.

Ø Cloud Computing & Coordination: The capability of the cloud allows access to in-depth detailing of each phase, and resource allocation in reduced time and effort.  Through cloud computing, you get attached to the central database server. A quick preview of the project can be given from anywhere, enhancing coordination between the team and clients.

Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

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Origin of Tejjy

Origin of Tejjy

The word ‘Tejjy’ has come from the name Tejas, one of the names of a Hindu Goddess also known as Vaishno Devi, heavily worshipped by Hindus throughout the world.  As per Hindu Mythology in Treta Yug, when the tyrannical rule of the demons overburdened the earth, Goddess Vaishnavi was created to get rid the land of impending doom. Tejas means Fastest and full of Charisma, and with her blessings, we are following that path. 

Tejjy abides by the mission to combine the power of technology to carve a unique place for the construction industry in the contemporary age ridden by so many construction challenges like Technology Adoption, Labor or Skill Shortage, Stagnant Productivity, Safety, Understanding Project Performance, and Sustainability. Tejjy helps the business to stand out in the construction industry.  

  • T: Technology Collaboration  The prime motto that drives Tejjy is Innovative Technology usage. The belief crops out of the daily praxis in executing technology applications for customers across verticals. We are working on Drone, 3D Printers, and VR, and yes, we own few.  We are working on GEOBIM platform, which will tackle complex Construction projects in terms of schedule, quality, and safety. 
  • E: Engineering Excellence – Tejjy delivers construction projects with proper planning and right technology across sectors like highways, bridges, airport, road, rail, building, dams, reservoir, and more. 
  • J: Joggle – We are continually joggling to shape the design-build projects, reducing cost, and delivering projects on time. 
  • J: Joining – We join the pre-build and post-build stages of construction, helping construction professionals make a complete project lifecycle analysis. We help clients get full control of their projects through coordination, collaboration, risk mitigation, asset management, and cost optimization. We help clients identify and correct potential problems before construction. 
  • Y: Yield – Tejjy yields sustainable, built environments to maximize value for our clients. We are the one-stop solution for all your construction needs starting from new construction to renovation. 
Origin of Tejjy

Who is the Man behind Tejjy? 

Sukh Singh is the COO of Tejjy Inc – the man on whom the vision of Tejjy Inc has dawned. He is the fountainhead of ideas for development, lines of operations, new vistas, domain verticals, and technical integration with other industries, diversification and complementary lines of practice. Sukh is the head of vision for Construction ManagementBIM & Engineering Solutions. He has extensively worked with the Engineering Firms, Architects, Construction and Government agencies in the USA. 

Sukh has brought in the vision, strategic outlook, and meticulous roadmap of the best construction management practices. He contributes to the innovative use of technology. He integrates technologies like Virtual RealityGEO BIM Integration3D PrintersDrone & CAD to improve efficiency, offer fast turnaround, and decrease project cost. Sukh is always looking forward to developing new ideas and arenas where technology and construction are making a unique mark.  

Tejjy INC