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How Structural Engineers Resolve Construction Challenges with Revit BIM?

How Structural Engineers Resolve Construction Challenges with Revit BIM

Building Information Modeling technology is transforming the way of structural engineering firms throughout the world. Proficient structural engineers implement BIM for estimating sea levels, improving disaster management through infrastructure resilience, decreasing soil erosion and enhancing energy efficiency of buildings. Further, many of the BIM modeling service providers in USA are managing groundwater, reducing traffic congestion on construction sites and augmenting construction productivity through Revit models.

Here’s an account of how the structural engineers of design build firms work with Revit BIM Services, resolving construction project challenges.

  1. Collaboration Challenge – Top structural engineering firms often face the challenge of collaborating amongst various project stakeholders.

Solution through Revit Model – Autodesk Revit BIM Model facilitates structural engineers to efficiently collaborate with other project stakeholders, including architects, contractors, design build firms, home builders, etc.  Using BIM modeling services, they could progress through every phase of the construction process, starting from the day of floor setup to structural and MEP clash detection. Structural BIM consultants review critical building areas in 3D and assess space constraint in a competent manner. Building Information Modeling facilitates numerous design disciplines to collaborate in a flawless way, as a single information platform. The technique improves work efficacy, minimizes errors, verifies building aesthetics and augments building performance.

2.  Difficulty in Project VisualizationStructural modelers also face difficulty in effectively visualizing a construction project in terms of working of various services including architecture, structure and MEPFP trades.

Solution through BIM Modeling Services – Using Revit Building Information Modeling software platform for 3D modelings, design build firms could easily produce construction drawings with elevations and sections through 3D animations, bringing the project to life. BIM service providers in USA are blending Revit design and fabrication models in Navisworks software platform for project coordination, thus avoiding the cost of rework from the clashes. A virtual tour of building (360 degree view) produced, through comprehensive 3D renderings and walk throughs on the fly, support project visualization before construction.

3. Inaccurate Structural Analysis – Structural engineering firms in USA often require technical support for design optimization, coordination and construction management.

Solution through Building Information Modeling – Taking the help of Building Information Model, structural engineering firms undertake various structural analysis in a detailed manner, accomplishing the project on time. Some of the structural building analysis includes structural load calculation, design validation, quantity takeoff, energy analysis and planning facility operations.

Detailed Structural Analysis with Revit BIM Modeling Services

  • Load Calculation BIM Revit Model facilitates in making comprehensive structural analysis of structural load, wind load simulation and live load calculation, verifying building code acquiescence with BIM. Structural engineers undertake comprehensive analysis of structural elements for beams, columns and floors for risk-free delivery with Building Information Modeling.
  • Structural Design Validation – Structural engineering firms make accurate design validation through Revit Model for constructability review, building performance and maintenance of steel, wood and concrete structures like structural openings, beam depths and clashes. BIM services facilitate structural design support from inception to the stage of construction detailing & prefabrication. The technique helps to calculate accurate Bill of Materials and Quantity Takeoff for enhanced productivity.
  • Energy Analysis Benchmarking energy usage across the residential and commercial buildings with Revit Building Information Modeling for energy efficiency, aids cost saving & enhanced building performance. Performing thermal analysis with Revit model enables the building to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications in the category of gold, silver and platinum. Equipment capacity of HVAC systems, airflows, etc. could be efficiently modeled in consistent way with relevant plans. Hence, an accurate energy consumption simulation could be conducted, reducing the electrical expenditure of the building in the long run.

It is evident that Revit BIM modeling plays a significant role in construction planning, construction schedule update and building management. To enhance facility design, construction management and life-cycle performance of buildings, BIM modeling service is a must for the project stakeholders, who derive the benefits through document management, cost control, project management, energy analysis, budget assessment & risk mitigation. Consult with one of the top structural BIM modeling companies in USA – Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com and remove all complexities involved in your construction project. Obtain fast project execution at the lowest operational cost and accomplish your project on time in a coordinated manner.


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Top 3 Benefits of BIM for Structural Engineering Services

structural engineering services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) services enhance collaboration amongst design and technical teams. “Structural design engineers” are creating improved and efficient structural models to enhance workflows, increase quality and reduce costs. BIM modeling is the most effective technique and methodology in this regard. Adopting BIM for structural engineering services helps to make proper planning of the design build stage. Structural Building Information Modelling plays a crucial role in the way the structural experts visualize and manage structural components. Structural BIM modelers of Revit Steel Detailing make a significant impact on structural analysis and conceptual designing. Now, before delving deep into the benefits provided by top structural engineering firms, let’s check out how BIM modeling integrates into structural engineering services workflow.

Process of BIM integration into structural engineering services

Structural design engineers as well as structural engineering consultants play a significant role throughout the entire project lifecycle. Commercial structural engineering firms, residential structural engineering firms and structural consultants contribute to the BIM process by collaborating with various disciplines. Structural Revit Steel Detailing experts in DC support decision-making activities for architecture, construction, safety planning, plant engineering and building maintenance. Structural engineering data, comprising apart of the BIM model are usually in the following form:

  • Structural geometry modeling
  • Object modeling, calculation and completed structural analysis
  • Technical descriptions with other documentation

benefits of structural engineering services

Benefits of BIM provided by top structural engineering firms:

  1. Interoperability

The usage of the IFC format in data exchange amongst BIM software is breaking down barriers between model platforms and data sharing.  Exchange of data constitutes a giant step towards building parallel models or selecting a single software for completing the entire process.

  1. Team building & knowledge sharing

Implementing BIM software such as Revit Steel Detailing, Tekla and Sketchup, structural engineering consultants are bringing great advantages. Existing clashes amongst the models of various services of structural, architectural and MEP are broken down. Further, an easier sharing of structural BIM model entails an improved collaboration amongst various technical experts, who are exchanging and sharing knowledge. This enables the commercial structural engineering firms and residential structural engineering firms to enhance the skills and productivity of the whole team.

  1. ROI measurement

Owing to the interoperability and BIM clash detection, structural engineering consultants are able to save time for the construction project. As a result of which, structural design engineers can save several hours, compared to manual drawing checking on paper. Time saving leads to saving of money for your building project.

Structural BIM services – the future of construction

The diffusion of BIM services for top structural engineering firms structural engineering firms extends to technical experts, public as well as private clients. BIM modeling for commercial structural engineering firms and residential structural engineering firms is leading to a sectoral growth, replacing everything in CAD domain. In several countries of Europe, Brazil, Canada, United States and Chile, implementing BIM services are becoming mandatory.

So, why are you getting stuck? Seek the best structural engineering consultants in DC from Tejjy Inc. – one of the top BIM service providers in USA. Competent structural consultants of best BIM company in USA allow AEC industry professionals to transform the most complex models into reality. Let the best structural consultants of top structural engineering firms create a detailed BIM model with a variety of materials and save time, resource and space for your construction projects.

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    Boost Revit Models To Win More Work with BIM

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of the physical characteristics of a building serving as a knowledge resource for information sharing. BIM acts as a reliable basis for making decisions during the project lifecycle from inception to the final construction. 3D Modeling tool like Revit models to win creates stunning designs using BIM visualization for innovative construction solutions.

    Boost Revit Models To Win More Work with BIM
    Adopt Revit Models in your construction project and escalate your profits

    Now, how you can leverage your understanding of BIM Services? Do you think that the data generated from the Revit models to win 3D BIM Model will take it forward? The technique of integrated preconstruction is the right answer to this regard.

    So, what is stopping you from adopting BIM in your construction workflow? What are the challenges involved in the process? Well, the biggest challenge in preconstruction is hitting the moving targets. Building Design Drawing repetition is a vital part of the design development process, and it can’t be removed though it can be controlled and improved.

    Today’s technology empowers construction professionals like the architects, contractors, vendors, and owners to team up and work effectively. Using BIM services like 3D BIM Coordination, 4D BIM Construction Scheduling, 5D BIM Cost Estimation, 6D BIM, 7D BIM Facility Management, as well as cloud collaboration software applications like BIM 360 Model Coordination, all project stakeholders can quickly make changes and control impact on cost, time, and constructability.

    The BIM technology embraces an integrated preconstruction approach allowing the construction contractor to communicate the impacts of changes to the building owner for quick decision making and facilitating the team to achieve an optimal cost, schedule, and construction sequence.

    Now, how do you implement BIM technology into your construction practice? Take a look at the ways you can use Revit Models to win during the preconstruction stage.

    1. Assemble BIM Information

    Assembling information into the Revit BIM Model helps to break the barriers of entering the world of BIM in construction by simplifying quantity take-off and improving 3d model visualizations. Nowadays, by accessing information through the cloud, all project stakeholders can view 3D BIM models, get the relevant quantities, and leverage conditioned models for project tracking and sequencing.  The model data can be used throughout the project lifecycle, saving time, and minimizing risk.

    2. Plan & Design

    Use Revit models to win more BIM to plan, design a component, and visualize constructability issues. Revit 3D BIM Modeling is not just about enhancing estimation efficiency and creating 3D BIM models. It’s also about building a roadmap for construction that maximizes cost and schedule savings, maintaining transparency with the owner and the project team. Use Revit 3D BIM models to take building to the next level, enabling construction professionals to connect BIM data to construction workflows.

    3. Enhance Value Engineering

    Value Engineering is a common practice adopted in AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) projects. Cloud-based model data management provides all project stakeholders instant access to model information, ensuring visualization and understanding of the building elements, quantities, and costs from anywhere in the world. Cloud collaboration through BIM facilitates team collaboration and transparency. The process of Cloud collaboration helps AEC project stakeholders share computer files to a central “cloud” for storage and access by others. Using 3D models from Revit, you can get accurate and updated project data that supports an optimized cost efficiency and Value Engineering for construction.

    Choose BIM services in Rockville, MD, DC, VA, Baltimore, USA, and save time and money for your construction project. Contact us at 202-465-4830 or email us at info@tejjy.com to discuss your project idea or get a quote of our BIM Services.