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BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

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How much does commercial architect cost?
Architectural Services

Why Do You Need Commercial Architectural & Design Services?

Commercial Architectural Development & Design Services?

Seeking a commercial architectural development service provider in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore? Well, you need to find out the best architectural company specific to your area in the USA. However, before appointing a competent architectural service firm in the USA and getting the perfect design solutions for your commercial architectural development, let’s take a quick look into what are commercial architectural services, and what are the benefits of commercial architectural solutions?

What are Commercial Architectural Services?

Commercial Architectural Services are the building designs that provide a place for the construction business to work seamlessly with clients, staff, and materials. Adept Designers, Modelers, Architects & Engineers of architectural companies design commercial projects as per the business requirements of clients. They then build a brand image through commercial architectural designs, voicing the goals of the companies in the USA.

What are the Benefits of Availing Commercial Architectural Services?

  • Defining the Advantage & Disadvantage in a Property:  A veteran architectural development & design service provider has the specializations in the Evaluation of Existing Facilities for defining the advantages and disadvantages inherent in a property. Whether it’s associated with code compliance, convenience, development, or constructional expediency, AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals can derive the most advantages from the commercial architectural service providers as the companies involve their professionals in construction projects at an initial stage. Hence, they can choose the ideal property matching your requirements, before buying something with complications attached to it.
  • Customized Deliverables : Working with a proficient architectural service company helps in getting customized deliverables for your commercial architectural & engineering projects in terms of cost and quality. As a result of which, the construction professionals can focus on businesses for developing a project supporting their company’s activity and image requirements. The commercial architectural development firms clearly state the scope, amount, and estimated schedule of the services and thus can define the costs as per those activities. This results in finite architectural services according to the creation of actual deliverables on the timeline of the AEC professionals, instead of the endless application of time & resources to the projects. The architectural service firm makes the projects look unique and customized according to the requirements, schedule, & budget.
  • Collaborative Team Approach to Work –Specialized architects and engineers of architectural service firms know the scrupulous working requirements of the commercial architecture firm and thus can develop the right business requirements of clients, understanding the requirements. They collaborate with the clients and stakeholders of the construction project and move towards architectural improvement involving inputs from several directions. The commercial architectural engineers create improved buildings for clients, by accommodating the requirements of appropriate user groups.
  • Cost Estimation for Architectural ProjectProfessional architectural companies facilitate in managing the cost of the construction projects from the very start through analyzing programming requirements and inspecting the space against potential cost.They evaluate the projected cost of the work with the project progress at every step with comprehensive information for avoiding cost surprises distressing the work at a later stage. If the clients have specific contractors, some of the best commercial architectural services company invite them for getting themselves involved at the initial stage of the design process and thus benefiting the project from a real-worldstance.
  • Clear & Concise Documentation

In many cases, municipal bodies want comprehensive information about a commercial architectural project in the USA according to its size, cost, and other façades bringing an impact on the community. The expert architectural & engineering companies provide clear & concise graphic and written information, explaining a project to the project stakeholders. The documentation of the top architecture firms facilitates in building an agreement about the relevance & cost-efficacy of the projects. The managers of the architectural companies communicate to clients for substantial design information answering all questions of the involved project parties and the apprehensions of the financial organizations according to the project requirements.

Consult Tejjy Inc. – a Commercial Architectural Development Service Provider in Washington DC and make your commercial agricultural development project a reality. Call at 202-465-4830 or and envisage your future architectural project.

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Architectural Services

Top 3 Architectural Services in Washington DC

Want to implement architectural services in the USA? Look for one of the best architectural firms in DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Baltimore areas in the USA, who can integrate digital design with architectural engineering for pioneering solutions. You may opt for a cost-effective architectural company in DC, which provides a revolutionary approach to the Architectural, Engineering & Construction sector.

Top 3 Architectural Services in Washington DC

Here are the top 3 architectural services in DC that can help you in your home remodeling, house renovation, residential architectural development, home additions, and commercial architectural development:

  • Architectural Design Services: You can outsource architectural design services from competent architectural service firms in DC for architectural 3D BIM modeling, concept designing, interior designing, exterior designing, floor plan layout & 3D visualization support. Professional designers & experienced residential & commercial remodelers in DC provide a tailored solution for your landscape design, modern interior designing, and furniture product design and guide you wisely for your home, condo, basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom renovation.
  • Permit Expediting Services: Permit expediters well versed with building codes of DCRA permit approval to provide building permits for residential & commercial permit approvals. Some of the top permit expediting services for architectural firms in DC include Permit Expediting, Building & Zoning Codes, Permit & Zoning Research, Building Code Research, Third Party Plan Review & Inspection, Residential Permit for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Landscape, Interior, New Construction Permits, Commercial Permit, Traffic Control Plans, Land Use Permits Planning & Services and Stop Work Order Removal.
  • Architectural BIM Services:  Proficient Design-Build experts, Architects, BIM Modelers & Engineers, collaboratively analyze architectural design through Building Information Modeling technology. BIM helps to make the planning, designing & monitoring of construction beyond excellence with clash detection & coordination during the pre-construction stage. Modern Building Information Modeling tools and software applications are implemented for real-time tracking of construction activities, cloud database management for accurate architectural project execution. Integrating BIM in architectural workflow helps the designer to successfully remodel or renovate projects even in a complex environmental set-up.  Key architectural BIM services include Master Planning, Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Work Drawings, BOQ (Bill of Quantity) Specifications, Tender Drawings, Construction Documentation, and Sustainable Design.

Choose a Professional Architectural Service Provider in DC

Tejjy Inc. – Women Minority Certified Business in DC delivers comprehensive architectural services for design-build firms in the USA, serving the DC, VA, MD & Baltimore areas. Starting from the pre-design, schematic & conceptual designing, bidding, construction documentation with site plan, floor plan, building details & outline specifications, the architectural designers of Tejjy Inc. know how to effectively use space while designing a room and floor for commercial and residential projects. Call the BIM Modelers, Permit Expeditors & Architects at 202-465-4830 or email at for affordable Architectural Engineering Solution in the USA. The architects will support your building design for commercial construction, educational construction, healthcare, government, and residential construction projects. A strategic approach taken by the architects, designers, engineers, BIM Modelers, construction managers, and permit expeditors of the Tejjy Inc. team helps to augment the ROI (Return of Investment) of AEC clients significantly. Furthermore, the visualization support provided by Tejjy Inc. along with seamless design coordination & accurate estimation with in-house BIM design service team facilitates high quality assured architectural engineering and design services for home renovation and addition.

Construction Management

Architectural BIM Services for Construction Project Lifecycle

Architectural BIM Services for Construction Project Lifecycle

Architects are the connoisseurs who bring life to the concept of a construction project. They constitute being a vital part of architectural project planning and execution. BIM Service companies act as a support to architects and engineers in their design development process. Architectural Revit Services is a great mode of this collaborative and innovative solution. 3D BIM models use inputs, such as the construction & design documents as well as hand sketches. The team of BIM professionals creates the final model after resolving potential construction problems through raising RFIs (Request for Information) and checking with architects and other project consultants.

How BIM facilitates Architects in Design Development?

BIM supports architects in the various stages of design development through conceptual, schematic & detailed designs, as well as construction documentation with the help of 3D Modeling. Architects are able to create the interior design for the renovation and new building creation. BIM also provides virtual mock-ups of building components and creates a comprehensive 360-degree view of the projected building. 

BIM Supporting Various Stages of Construction Project Lifecycle

• Conceptual Designing: Architectural BIM Modeling provides an edge to the whole design process. BIM is used for creating manifold design routes for presentation with variations in layout and space planning. 3D Rendering Services Models with diverse colors and material specifications provide a realistic feel to the virtual building structure. During the concept designing stage, the design of the projected building structure is created using Revit Models, focussing on the looks, behaviors, and structural properties. The stage can be related to the Revit LOD 100 Model including numerous elements as Masses, Conceptual Design & overall project phasing. Location & Orientation analysis can be executed at this stage and quantities based on overall area & volume can also be obtained.

• Pre-Construction Phase: BIM experts can develop detailed and accurate Construction Drawing Services from Architectural 3D Model. The Revit parametric features presented in a BIM Model facilitates in accomplishing a high level of detailing with precision. Changes made in the plans automatically get reflected in all the associated areas of the sheets. 3D Model for BIM Coordination Services can then be used collaboratively, detecting the clashes before construction. This controls the construction cost by reducing design changes at the time of construction.

• Construction Phase4D BIM Construction Sequencing and 5D BIM Costing facilitate the planning of the construction phase effectively, enabling on-site coordination with the aid of Architectural BIM Modeling. On-site changes can also be fixed as per the virtual BIM design model. The construction design stage acts as a bridge between building design and physical building stages, encompassing the creation of drawings & specifications for the comprehensive requirements of a building project. The stage matches with LOD 400 Revit Model, comprising elements that are accurate in shape, size, location, quantity & orientation with complete fabrication, assembly, and detailed information.

• Post Construction Phase: Architectural Modeling Services also help during the post-construction phase for presenting an as-built model that can be used later for the renovation and reconstruction of a building. BIM ensures methodical facility management using a comprehensive Architectural model encompassing various asset details.

Prime Architectural BIM Services include:

  • BIM Consulting Services for seamless BIM applications
  • LOD Based BIM from a conceptual stage to a well-defined Facility Management model
  • Construction Documentation set of sequential drawings for construction management
  • BIM Design Development of BIM design build services
  • Custom Revit Family Creation Services for all building products
  • Point Cloud to BIM for renovation, retrofitting & as-built projects
  • Landscape BIM Models for creating & coordinating Landscape data
  • Underground Modeling  for improved visualization & clash detection
  • Architectural 3D Modeling to facilitate the design, planning & visualization
  • Procurement BIM through openly shared project models for lucrative project procurement
  • Architectural Detailing for transforming design into technical diagrams & plans
  • 4D Scheduling with data-rich 4D BIM models for early detection & resolution of conflicts
  • Infrastructure BIM Modeling to make civil projects resilient & productive
  • Modular BIM for prefabrication & modular building projects
  • Facility Management BIM to create, utilize & manage building information throughout the lifecycle of the structure
  • BIM for Energy Analysis with virtual 3D energy models

Architectural Detailing Services across the Sectors:

Residential, Hospital & Commercial Buildings:

  • Architectural Layouts & Floor Plans
  • Elevations & Sections
  • Door-window Details
  • Sanitation & Piping Plans
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Architectural Elevations & Sections
  • Ceiling & Foundation Plans
Interior Decorations
  • Floor & Roof Framing Plans
  • Building Sections
  • Interior & Exterior Designs & Plans
  • Furniture Layouts
Urban Planning
  • Building Block Detailing or Drafting
  • Landscape Drafting with BIM
  • Contour Mapping
  • Drawing development
  • Site Plan Drawings

BIM software applications used for Architects

  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • SketchUp
  • Revit Software Suite
  • MicroStation
  • Navisworks
  • Bluebeam
  • Civil 3D
  • BIM 360 Glue

To know more about Architectural BIM services in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD & Virginia areas in the USA consult the BIM experts of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4850 or

CAD Design and Drafting in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD
CAD Drafting Services

CAD Design & Drafting Revolutionizing the Architectural Sector

Do you want to revolutionize your architectural sector? Why don’t you opt for architectural CAD design and drafting services? Adopting a CAD drafting solution is an advantage for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals to improve construction designing and presentation. The innovative technology can save you precious time during the initial design process by presenting proficient drawings to your patrons. Architectural CAD drafting services also help to optimize operational costs in the AEC sector as fewer resources are required at the designing and drafting stages of construction.

CAD Design and Drafting in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD

Growth of Computer-Aided Design in the 21st Century

  • The onset of the 21st century marked the release of CAD tools for clients. Alibre released Alibre Design in 2000, the first 3D CAD software to accomplish client-server 3D modeling over the internet. Later on, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2000i, as the first web based CAD software application. Autodesk succeeded in the 21st century with persistent updates made to AutoCAD product, comprising of tool palettes in 2003, functioning of the dynamic block in 2005 and support for Macs in 2011. The next decade saw the development of popular CAD design & drafting programs like Revit, Creo, SolidWorks and more.  
  • The 21st century brought an era of sustainability in CAD software. Vendors showed interest in product data management (PDM) for reducing concept, design and manufacturing time. Ford’s announcement of the Ford Mondeo substantiated this in late 2000. The design of Ford Mondeo (Ford Motor Company) was created using Ford’s C3P (Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Engineering, Blue print Washington DC, Product Data Management) platform. The success demonstrated that the combination of CAD, PDM (Product Data Management) and the Internet could provide designers, architects, and engineers a seamless way of collaboration in a time-efficient way. Retailers established that using Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management, they can successfully eliminate prolonged development time.
  • CAD is now available on cloud, web and mobile technologies,  making it possible for the engineers to work with CAD on Mac, Windows PC or tablet. Designers are also using a computer mouse with CAD programs as well as a pen and digitizing graphics tablet. There’s been a lot of development in the CAD- human interface interaction from touchscreens to Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

Use of 2D & 3D Computer-Aided Design

  • 2D – The 2D programs create ‘flat‘ drawings of structures with lines, circles, curves and so on. The programs include collections of models, curves, splines, and polylines. Different ‘levels’ of 2D CAD programs are available including free and open-source, which are simple, without the complications of scaling or placements. QCAD and Libre CAD are examples of 2D CAD freeware. AutoCAD is an instance of a complex ‘high-end’ program.
  • 3D – 3D CAD system creates an accurate model of what a design looks like in reality, assisting the architects and the designers to find flaws that they might have been missed. They can split the programs into two types – parametric and direct or explicit modeling. Parametric modeling entails the designers to use ‘design intent’, making the design as a real-world representation of the object. Direct or explicit modeling provides designers the ability to edit geometry without a history tree. They can quickly create 3D designs and make modifications through direct interactions with the model geometry. Popular 3D CAD programs include Inventor, SolidWorks, and PTC Creo.

Advantages of Computer-Aided Design in the Modern Era

  • Quicker design process – Designers can create prototypes in a few hours and manufacturing can follow soon after.
  • Cost effectivity -There’s no necessity to manufacture physical prototypes while using CAD to produce hundreds of prototypes that can be improved without any cost.
  • Ease of accessibility – CAD program is easy to pick up, allowing repeated designs as well as 2D and 3D drawings.
  • No bounds – Using sophisticated and complex CAD programs, the design is now becoming limitless.

How the Architects are getting benefited?

  • Improved Planning & Design – The conventional pen-and-paper method previously used to create design plans was time-consuming and inaccurate, making the portrayal of buildings difficult. CAD helps to make the drawing sleek, providing accuracy with 2D as well as 3D capabilities.
  • Faster Editing & Revisions – A difficult part of building drawing and designing is the phase of an amendment, which was earlier a tedious process of using pen and paper. However, CAD Drafting services simplify the process. Using CAD, an architect with a design plan and features stored safely on CAD can perform the editing and re-visioning in a shorter time. Hence, there’s no need to start from the beginning while revising a building plan.
  • Enhanced Presentations with Virtual Expeditions – It is difficult for a client to understand what you have in mind as an architect. Nevertheless, with a virtual expedition of the plan,  3D CAD design & drafting helps clients to understand the project quickly.
  • Project Assessment – Using CAD along with other tools like Building Information Management (BIM), an architect can track and plan various stages starting from the design to construction. The tools can function and update components of the architecture, saving time and resources, enhancing productivity, reducing the risk of errors and building an improved client relationship through improved designs and presentations.

Leveraging CAD technology, AEC professionals can improve dimensional accuracy, project efficiency, and cost-savings. If you want architectural CAD drafting services in Baltimore, MD, Virginia & Washington DC, get in touch with Tejjy Inc. – one of the competent CAD design & drafting Companies in the USA.

Tejjy Inc. provides dedicated support to clients delivering the entire spectrum of Architectural CAD Services, Construction Management, Blue print Washington DC, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Engineering and Permit Expedition spanning 3D Visualization, Modeling, Animation, and Drafting.

Contact us today at 202-465-4830 or to discuss your CAD Drafting needs.

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