BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

Value Engineering

We direct Value Engineering at analyzing the functions of the system, equipment, facilities, services, and supplies for achieving the lowest lifecycle cost, matching the required performance, quality, and safety.

We combine all the parameters like

  • Aesthetics – Image, Design Issues, Community Requirement, Form
  • Quality – System, Material, Workmanship
  • Delivery – Phasing & Scheduling, Occupancy, Delivery System
  • System Performance – Functional Space, Building Management, Energy Consumption, Sustainability, Maintenance 
  • Facility Performance – Flexibility, Security & Safety, Accessibility
  • External Requirement – Codes, Standards, Criteria

Our Value Engineering includes

  • Constructability Review/Analysis
  • Cost Management – We control costs and provide a realistic budget for conceptual and detailed estimates to the owner, designer, contractor, and construction managers.

    Our process

    • Create & Implement Cost Control System
    • Control Increasing Cost
    • Design Cost Management Plan
    • Deliver with budget Stages of Cost Control
    • Pre-Design, Design, Procurement – Collect cost information, provide cost estimates, make value analysis and guard cost growth
    • Construction, Post-Construction – Play a role in the payment process, managing the change order and claims
  • Change Management

    We incorporate a balance change culture of recognition, planning, and evaluation of project changes for effectively managing project changes.

    Our Change Management Techniques include:
    • Written Change Order Requirements
    • Project Warranties
    • Change Control Board & Order Policy
    • Budget Contingency

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