Revit to CAD

Revit to CAD

Our experienced team at Tejjy provide high quality CAD conversion files from Revit models by following all standards and protocols. These CAD drawings are used for site installations and are easy to understand by the site teams.

CAD conversion is needed for site installations because it is not possible to use computers on site for constructing with the help of 3D Revit model only. The team needs drawings in their hand which they need to match constantly to understand which work has been done and what is left to be done. Moreover, the site engineers and technicians are more familiar with shop drawings with least software knowledge.

With an overall construction management industry experience of 15 years, we at Tejjy, understand the temperament of the site teams and can produce CAD drawing as required by the site engineers.

While converting the Revit file to CAD format, a lot of instructions are needed to be taken care of to get a perfect CAD converted file. If the contractor wants a different layer name with different colors in the exported CAD file, we can make it as per requirement. Unnecessary sections or elevations can be hidden while exporting the CAD file. We can also make different sets with different requirement for the architectural team or MEP contractors, giving priority to respective service they are working on.

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