Fabrication/Spool Drawings

Expert Engineers at Tejjy Inc create Fabrication drawings from the 3D BIM Model for accurate onsite prefabrication. Competent BIM professionals assemble the pipe systems in sections called spools for delivering to the construction site. The spool drawings enable the plumbers, pipefitters as well as the installers to receive all information necessary for accurate manufacturing. Segmented spool drawings and spool maps along with segment locations in compliance with pre-fabricating standards help construction contractors to enhance quality, manage materials, and decrease construction cost.

Advantages of Pipe Fabrication Drawings or Spool

  1. Piping Development from Initial Stage to Final Construction
  2. Diagram Creation in alignment with HVAC Drawings, showing Piping Interaction with other Systems
  3. Module Maintenance within Piping Systems
  4. Demonstration of Physical Sequence of Systems, Equipment, and Connections
  5. Design Creation of Pipe Spool Fabrication Template
  6. Source of Information to Pipe System and Material Fabricators, Installers and Construction Traders Manufactures before job site delivery
  7. Reduced Onsite Changes for Prefabricated Components  
  8. Cost-effective and Quality Services for Profitable Project Bidding

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