BIM Facilities Management

BIM Facility Management USA

Tejjy Inc helps project participants to organize electronic submittals during design and construction through BIM Facility Management. Our professionals manage complete records of every project, including accurate data for required fields.

BIM files, drawings, and PDFs are organized easily through secure server directories. We follow the COBie process for facility asset management. Our professionals modify the format of existing deliverables from paper documents to an open standard, streamlining the process for eliminating waste and increasing profitability.

Using Revit software application, we export data and execute zone management. We specify family, types, and exported elements and perform a batch update. We also perform parameter mapping and keep control over data exported from Revit to the spreadsheet.

Benefits of Choosing our Facilities Management Services:

  • Get detailed information about facility management like wear & tear, warranty, cost
  • Complete Contact record management for projects
  • Data Transfer from As-Built Model to Spread Sheet
  • Maintenance of updated As-Built Models
  • Quick troubleshooting through information sharing
  • Better simulation through design analysis during renovation and modernization
  • An exact virtual representation of the building
  • Operational and management cost reduction
  • Space planning, predicting building performance throughout the facility lifecycle
  • Improved & precise budgeting for future maintenance

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