BIM Clash Coordination


in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Virginia

With BIM, 3D models are created Clash Coordination is one of the main advantages of using BIM Technology.
We are competent in providing clash detection and coordination services in both Autodesk Revit as well as Navisworks.

BIM Clash coordination is used to coordinate the spaces and tolerances needed for placing the various services in a building. While designing, there are several models like architectural, structural, civil, and MEP services, and their interconnections sometimes result in conflicts in terms of space allocation. Through BIM clash-coordination, these conflicts can be quickly resolved by effectively identifying the problem areas, inspecting and reporting about the services to the respective contractors and finally coming to a solution. All can be done in the software itself, removing the risk of error in the construction site, thus saving money and increasing productivity.

In Tejjy Inc, We Provide Different Types of Clash-Coordination Services like

  • Self-clash within Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire-fighting services
  • The inter-services clash among the MEPF services
  • Clash with Architecture and Structural Services

Many contractors and construction companies favor our services because we give customized clash-coordination reports with different color coding according to their requirement.

We have a committed team who reports about the clash removal progress and problem areas along with their probable solution to our clients in weekly project meetings.

Our commitment helps identify and rectify issues at an early stage, thus reducing maximum hassles and producing an error-free 3D prototype of the model.

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