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Tejjy Inc. structural engineering services,  BIM Modeling with Autodesk Revit expertise have been delivering structural BIM modeling services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The structural BIM Modeling services enables structural engineers with optimized designs in cost-efficient environment. The structural BIM modelers, steel detailers, BIM engineers collaborate after the design review and constructability review process. For executing constructability review process and clash coordination Architectural BIM Models and MEP BIM Models are integrated.

Our structural engineering services, BIM Modeling deliver detailed structural Services in USA including the information about structural components. The structural components like foundation, columns, anchors bolts, beam , purlins etc. The design-builders come up with plans, and the structural engineers find the right structural systems to gauge the loads like wind, snow, or even intensity of tremors. Structural engineers are the experts who design the frame of the building and support other forces, acting on it.

Requirements for a Structural BIM Model

  • Structural Design drawings and calculation
  • Specification for Revit Families creation
  • BIM LOD(level of Detailing) modeling

  From reinforcing to designing the foundations and steel for a commercial, industrial building our experienced structural BIM modelers are able to deliver quick and cost-effective solution. We constantly update our library components and have the capability to extract steel shop drawings.

Our Structural Engineering Services Facilitate:

Being a structural engineering services providers in USA we concentrate on entire building life cycle  management. As, we firmly believe detailed designing of structural elements is pivotal in design and construction phase. Tejjy Inc. Structural Engineers BIM Modeling services envelopes drafting, detailing and 3D modeling. 3D analysis ensures safe design with accurate cost and precision. Our modelers create an accurate structural steel model for engineers with information about building properties, building geometry, geographic , building material and all aspects involved. Our accurate structural engineering services facilitate design analysis :

Structural Steel Detailing

  • 3D Modeling for Construction

  • Extraction of structural component

  • Steel Structural Detailing Services

  • Structural Shop Drawings

  • Structural Design Analysis

  • Creation of 3D , 4D and 5D BIM services(cost estimation…monitoring/Quantity take-Off..BOQ..BOM)

  • Construction Documents

  • Clash detection and resolution

  • Risk mitigation

  • Creation of parametric libraries

Being an experienced BIM company we also provide structural shop drawings and steel detailing services in USA.

Structural BIM Modeling has transformed the way steel detailers, structural design engineers and CAD drafters visualize and handle building components.

As BIM outsourcing company Tejjy Inc. facilitate structural engineering services including design Development Support & Coordination, 3D Model Creation, Construction Drawing Set Creation, Quantity Take-Off, and 5D Cost Estimation and monitoring.

For BIM modeling services in USA, call at 202-465-4830 / mail at We promise quality assured structural modeling , design and engineering solutions at competitive rates.