BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada
BIM Services in USA, Canada

BOQ Services for Construction Projects

We generate the right quantity of all materials using 3D BIM, which gets automatically updated with changes in the Model. Our professionals provide equipment, fixtures, and conduits in a tabularized form to help contractors evaluate project cost and plan material procurement.

Our BOQ services of Quantity Take-Off reports are formatted in Excel and exported to a database for detailed analysis. We produce quantity for a specific project area using 4D or 5D BIM, managing material procurement, and saving inventory costs of clients.

Quantity take-offs(QTO) are a detailed measurement of materials and labor needed to complete a construction project. They are developed by an estimator during the pre-construction phase. This process includes breaking the project down into smaller and more manageable units that are easier to measure or estimate.

Benefits of Opting for Bill of Quantity/Quantity Take-Off Services

  • Get Details of Work
  • Evaluate & Compare Components
  • Identify Problems Beforehand
  • Facilitate Project Planning
  • Get Adequate Time for Identifying Suppliers
  • No Guesswork
  • Efficient Tool for Managing Project Delivery
  • Save Construction Time & Cost

Call us at 202-465-4830  or email to discuss your Bill of Quantity (BOQ) of Quantity Take-off (QTO) requirement. We would be happy to serve you. Read more about our BOQ/QTO services.

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