Tejjy Inc. believes in developing good relations with subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. We are an experienced and certified contractor and construction manager. We support all kinds of construction subcontracting of any size and type. 

Do you want Tejjy Inc. to be your subcontracting company? 

Become a Subcontractor with us.

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Phone Number: 202-465-4830

Email Address: info@tejjy.com

Address: 1201 Seven Locks Road, Suite 360 Rockville, MD 20854

Why Choose Us?

  • We are an experienced certified MBE/DBE/WBE business serving the Washington Metropolitan area. 
  • Since our inception in 2006, we worked with Federal, State, and Local agencies.
  • We have teamed up to $250 million contracts.

Few Projects

  • Arlington Wastewater
  • Shermon Pave Naval Academy
  • Special Mission for the Blue & Golds, Navy-Marine Corps, Memorial Stadium
  • Conservation of William Tecumseh Shermon Monument

Published by Sukh Singh

Sukh Singh is the COO of Tejjy Inc – the man on whom the vision of Tejjy Inc has dawned. He is the fountainhead of ideas for development, lines of operations, new vistas, domain verticals, and technical integration with other industries, diversification and complementary lines of practice. Sukh is the head of vision for Construction Management, BIM & Engineering Solutions. He has extensively worked with the Engineering Firms, Architects, Construction and Government agencies in the USA.

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