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Chad D.

Tejjy has been able to get engineering drawings back to us in a timely fashion and with very few issues.

Free BIM consultations

Mrinmoy L.

Tejjy BIM team showed brilliant performance under pressure to deliver the job on a tight schedule. The team has given our work on time. Great job.

Free BIM consultations

Robert S.

It’s a pleasure to be associated with Tejjy Inc. I have perceived the team to be most enthusiastic, brilliant, responsive, and focused on every single operation. We can successfully deliver our construction management project with Tejjy’s BIM Engineering Solutions. Without Tejjy’s commitment, support, and inventiveness – we could on no account have completed this job. THANKS A TON.

Free BIM consultations

Mary S.

Tejjy did a great job on my construction engineering project. It’s undoubtedly a multidisciplinary engineering firm, thriving on excellence. The efficient engineering team delivered my assignment with strict accordance to project deadline. They also responded promptly to my requests. You can undoubtedly trust Tejjy Inc for exceptional construction management solutions for your business. I have already assigned Tejjy with another construction project.

Free BIM consultations

Mimi S.

“I am happy with the deliverables from Tejjy. We have been using Tejjy’s BIMservices for quite a while now and working with them closely to get good outputs. Tejjy helped our architects transform 2D drafting and drawings to BIM base work process. Our project went smoothly for Tejjy. Thanks.” – Grote Enterprises, LLC

Clara A.

We have been pleased with Tejjy’s work so far. You have done a great job coming up with BIM services to conflicts, and your response time to our requests has been top-notch!Tejjy provided real coordination and cost savings for my project.

Emma B.

Our first project required 3D coordinated drawings, and Telly offered us collaborative team support with synchronized information sharing. We entered this project without knowing 100% on how to handle the process. Telly worked through the plans detecting and resolving the clashes. Their perfect understanding of clashes helps us concentrate on other aspects of the project. I would recommend for coordination drawings.