Construction Engineering Design Optimization with 3D BIM

Today, with a complex construction project, the need for Construction Engineering Design Optimization is becoming higher. The effective and accurate coordination and interaction with 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) during the design build services process help to avoid inefficiency in production and reduced construction rework, cost & wastage. Intelligent 3D BIM Modeling delivers AEC professionals the insight to design, construct and manage buildings in an improved way.

BIM Engineering Design – A Revolutionary Tool in the Field of Construction

BIM Engineering has brought a revolution in the field of construction after the 2D CAD technology. Projects can be designed, built, and managed by creating and using the digital model. Using BIM and computer technology, aiming at some problems of construction engineering design, an effective solution can be put forward, which helps to improve information technology and information management of the design and boost the key competitiveness of design enterprise. It also plays a constructive role in the advancement of BIM.

Improved Information Management of Design Enterprise with BIM

Nowadays most construction firms are using information management systems as tools in construction management with enhanced information accumulation with time about productive elements like labor, machine and material and encompassing managerial subjects like schedule, cost and quality.  To facilitate information resources, a conceptual framework is used for reusing the information resources based on BIM (Building Information Model) technology for extracting information resources per project and managing them in the standard format.

The framework gets divided into 4 phases:

  • Extraction
  • Standardization
  • Management
  • Detailed Analysis of Information Resources

Formation of Info Reuse in Construction

  • Information resources reuse system called Info Reuse in construction firm gets developed, where the object-oriented database and programming methodologies are taken into consideration.
  • Information resources could be managed and retrieved in the system and the technique acts as a multi regression algorithm for applying to analyze the building information.
  • The system when applied in construction using real information resources to verify the feasibility and effectiveness, resulted in the organization of information resources and representation through standard BIM data, providing a solution to construction firms for significant decision-making.

Construction Process Simulation with BIM Optimization

  • BIM can be used for building support. Based on the two-dimensional drawing, 3D BIM Models can be created for structural, mechanical & electrical services for collision check.
  • 3D virtual constructions through the BIM model can be used to assist the design and construction.
  • The BIM model can also be saved for the operation & maintenance at a later time.
  • A collision can be detected in the schematic diagram for the 3D BIM Model on the computer in advance.

Design Collaboration with AEC Project Stakeholders

  • A building model can be created with a large number of pipelines, components and equipment. 
  • The model can be designed by various project stakeholders, leading to interference and collision checking among the AEC professionals before the construction.
  • The team members involved in the project can find out the problem and can tag the collision point.
  • A design request can be put forward through the owner party to revise the design of a unit, avoiding cost during midway because of design change.

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