Time & Quality

Dedicated to our commitment we practice high quality standards in time efficient manner. We are uncompromising on the delivering quality and time schedule for any task we handle. We believe in strictly abiding these timelines during every phase of our work. Adhering to quality control from conceptual stage to each module through project execution and commissioning. Our goal is to deliver the inimitable output within predefined schedule, which helps our stakeholders in cost saving and ensuring we stay on schedule. 

Our Management team works economically from the planning phase to execution and post-execution stage, creating detail-oriented smooth execution within the cost and time budget. 

We have extensive expertise across residential, commercial, industrial, health and religious construction and engineering projects and have delivered a comprehensive portfolio of projects. Our clientele is Federal Government, State, and local municipalities and for Fortune 500 companies as a well small and medium enterprise. Our services from designing to final stage include Cost Control, Estimating & Scheduling, Quality Assurance & Control, Risk Management, Owners Representative, Feasibility & Design, and Commissioning & Decommissioning.   

Call us 202-465-4830 or email info@tejjy.com to discuss your requirement.