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Technologies Adopted by MBE/DBE Certified Engineering Company


Tejjy Inc, an experienced BIM and VDC company executing on an integrated platform encompassing collaboration of technology and advanced construction techniques under proficient management. Continuous analysis is undertaken before adopting and embedding any technology in a particular phase. The latest innovative skill like Virtual Design and Construction helps in elevating the final project outcome with high quality standard, cost and time efficiency. Various techniques are adopted like:

Building Information Modelling BIM

A 3d model based technique adding dimensions to a well-coordinated project delivered with time and budget efficiency. With onset of BIM services design building became more collaborative and coordinated. BIM brings engineers, architect, mep consultants, general contractor at one platform in clash coordinated model.

Why Tejjy BIM supports Design Build Firms:

Building information modeling services extends its supports to construction , architecture, engineering companies with customized revit families. Explore the best building design services withTejjy top BIM consultants in USA. 
4D Scheduling – 4D Scheduling techniques allow clarity of construction sequencing at every step by adding the timing of each activity in the construction module. Construction Sequencing creates a better perspective of work to the client.

Cost Estimation and Quantity Take off – Surveyors and estimators adopt 5d modeling for cost estimation . Quantity takeoff helps in material estimation providing you to avoid cost overrun.

Laser Scanning –High Definition Surveying for accurate mapping or reality capture that speeds up the design process. Technique adopted for as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering services surveys of buildings aiding in reduction of errors and elevating output result quality.

Clash Detection and Coordination – Creating an environment for integration of BIM varied models created by the architect, structural engineering services, MEP engineers, as well as other trade manufacturers  together for identification of any inconsistencies or errors that need to be resolved. Virtual Clash detection eliminates the occurrence of any error during the process by resolving it with optimum solution considering all the aspects involved. 


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